Current version:
QuickCapture 0.3.0
31 March 2009
Status: stable

Unstable release:
version 0.3.0-rc1
22 March 2009
Status: unstable

Older releases:
version 0.2.2
21 December 2008
Status: stable

version 0.2.1
13 December 2008
Status: stable

version 0.2.0
6 December 2008
Status: stable

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install QuickCapture?
First download the source code to your computer by clicking the blue button on the upper right-hand side of the page. Then extract it from the archive. Once you have done this, go to the directory to which you extracted the archive in a terminal and type `make`. Once this completes, the program will run if you type `./quickcapture`. At this point, you must run the program from the compile directory, as a system-wide install process has not yet been implemented.

I have a problem with QuickCapture. Help!
Send an email to Byron Hood at byron [at] phareware [dot] com with your question/comment (at least until some real documentation goes up).

Does QuickCapture work on Windows/MacOS/Linux/etc.?
Currently, QuickCapture is only functional on Linux. However, the architecture of the program is such that if a Windows or MacOS developer comes on board (hint, hint), it will be relatively easy to make functional on those systems. This also applies to other operating systems. If you would like your OS to be supported and know how to code, simply download the program and add a directory in lib/ with your OS name. Once you have covered all of the functionality required (see lib/os.h and lib/README), send me your code and I will incorporate it into the main QuickCapture development line.

Where is the documentation?
Unfortunately, just because the site is up doesn't mean that the documentation has been written. It is in the process of being written, but will take some time, especially since it is all a one-man effort.

How can I help out?
If you can program and know C, then you can help out by coding new features and plug-ins, fixing broken plug-ins, and adding support for more compilers and operating systems. But even if you can't program, or don't want to, there is plenty you can help with. Documentation must be written, the program must be tested on all kinds of platforms, and a GUI must be designed.

How do I contact the author(s)?
Byron Hood can be contacted at byron [at] phareware [dot] com.

Where can I make a suggestion/feature request?
Send an email to Byron Hood at byron [at] phareware [dot] com; your request will be reviewed as quickly as possible. Unless it is a bogus request, you should receive a response within 24 hours (no guarantees!).