Current version:
QuickCapture 0.3.0
31 March 2009
Status: stable

Unstable release:
version 0.3.0-rc1
22 March 2009
Status: unstable

Older releases:
version 0.2.2
21 December 2008
Status: stable

version 0.2.1
13 December 2008
Status: stable

version 0.2.0
6 December 2008
Status: stable


QuickCapture is free open-source software and therefore relies on volunteers who contribute time and efforts. Everyone can do something to help: write documentation, code new features, fix bugs, find bugs, or test.

Reporting bugs:
Please use the Tracker system to report bugs or issues with QuickCapture, or e-mail Byron Hood at byron [at] phareware [dot] com.