Current version:
QuickCapture 0.3.0
31 March 2009
Status: stable

Unstable release:
version 0.3.0-rc1
22 March 2009
Status: unstable

Older releases:
version 0.2.2
21 December 2008
Status: stable

version 0.2.1
13 December 2008
Status: stable

version 0.2.0
6 December 2008
Status: stable

About this project

The original author of QuickCapture, Byron Hood, started the project in mid-2008 as a continuation of research he had been doing into sign language recognition using web cams. He found that nearly every decent web cam image capture program came burdened with a mountain of dependencies, many of which were not cross-platform (e.g. Gnome or KDE Libraries). He began writing his own code to capture image from web cams (on Linux) and this quickly morphed into a program with cross-platform capabilities.

The mission of QuickCapture is to be a simple, yet powerful and easily extensible utility to capture data from web cams across many systems. To run the core program, all that is needed are system libraries and a capture abstraction layer (e.g. Video 4 Linux, Video 4 Windows). Extensions and plug-ins can be compiled and used if their respective libraries become available.